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Chanel 07

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Two Vibrators Twice the Fun

Chelsey 07

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Sway’s Pleasure Chair

Sway 07

What appears to be little more than a chair covered in a black sheet gets a whole lot more interesting when Sway steps into frame to show off her short skirt and panties. She gets nice and comfortable in the chair, talks to the camera while rubbing her body, and then slowly slips out of her skirt. She pulls down her white top to expose her bare, swollen breasts as she explores her pussy with her fingers. She then loses the panties and sits completely naked in the chair, masturbating for the camera and seemingly loving every second of it. Hormonal changes have turned Sway into a horn-dog and she can’t get off enough!

Nurse Aly Takes A Cock

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Two Chicks, One Sex Machine

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A very pregnant Chelsey and one of her sexy friends get kinky together and use sex toys on each other while the camera rolls. The video ends with Chelsey’s hot friend using a sex machine on herself!

Big Pink Mechanical Friend

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Chanel lays in bed and shows off her beautiful pregnant body as she fucks her hairy pussy using a big, pink vibrator.

A Brotherly Chat

Sway 08

In this homemade video, Sway’s horny brother confronts her about her flirtatious attire and threatens to tell their parents about her skimpy outfits and promiscuous ways. He begins groping her while interrogating her regarding how many boys she’s slept with. Despite her persistent refusal to participate in his antics, her brother continues onward and forces himself on her. He strips out of his clothes and has his way with her on the couch. “Are you going to keep fucking around with the boys at school?” he asks her as he shoves his hard cock deep in her throat. “How’s it taste?” What a nice brother!

Pretty in Pink

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Aly’s Bedroom Fun

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