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Goofy, Pregnant Anny

Anny 06

Once again, this video finds Anny in bed posing for photos as a video camera documents the entire shoot. Anny looks gorgeous as always in her colorful top, braided pigtails, black glasses, and… earmuffs? Such a silly girl, but it definitely works in her favor. Her fun, goofy personality makes this gorgeous blonde truly unique. A very obvious nine-months pregnant, Anny shows off her huge belly and swollen tits as she poses for pictures. The video wraps-up with Anny stripping off all of her clothes and posing completely naked. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Pigtail Wardrobe Fun

Anny 05

It doesn’t get much cuter than a pregnant Anny in braided pigtails! This video features the blonde beauty in the changing room trying on various outfits for the camera. Not only is Anny strikingly gorgeous, she also shows us her great sense of humor as she has a blast trying on tons of different clothes… most of which don’t fit because her pregnant belly’s so big! Anny’s so cute and so funny it’s impossible not to just love her. After trying on countless outfits (and even a black wig!) Anny poses for some sexy photos and does a bang-up job.

Anny’s Bedroom Photo Shoot

Anny 04

At over nine-months pregnant, Anny’s belly is so big that it’s hard for her small frame to carry it around. That would be why she films most of her videos in bed! This video’s no exception as she lays in bed completely naked showing off every inch of her pregnant body. Not only has her belly gotten huge, but her nipples have become big, swollen, and dark as well. Midway through this video Anny throws a cute little outfit on and we get to watch her do a photo shoot in live action. With that perfect face, blonde hair, and sexy, pregnant body, Anny photographs amazingly well! She’s simply adorable.

White Mesh Top

Anny 03

Wearing only pink, thigh-high stockings and a revealing mesh top, Anny crawls around on the bed and poses for the camera. Her lack of panties give us an excellent glimpse of her perfect little pussy as she rubs her swollen body all over. It’s not long before she slowly peels the stockings off to show us her sexy legs and cute little feet. Can you believe how big her belly is? This knocked-up blonde bombshell looks like she’s ready to explode! The photo shoot that accompanies this video begins at the very end of the video. Anny eats up the camera and is simply amazing at posing.

Anny’s About to Pop

Anny 02

Lounging around on the bed, Anny, with that sexy voice of hers, discusses with a friend just how much her body has changed since becoming pregnant. She details the changes she’s seen in her belly, nipples, and even ass as she shows it all off for the camera. This video was shot the day before Anny gave birth to her first child and it definitely shows! You can tell by her big, pregnant belly that she’s about to pop. The second half of this video shows behind-the-scenes footage of Anny’s fully-nude photo shoot. Very hot!

Quick Chat then Shoot

Pregnant Anny

In her sexy foreign accent, Anny talks about the beauty of being pregnant and what a thrill it is knowing she’s about to give birth. Wearing only a skimpy purple tube-top and matching bottoms, she shows us just how huge her pregnant belly has gotten as she rubs her body all over. It’s not long before she pulls her top down to reveal her swollen breasts and big, beautiful nipples as she poses for a quick photo shoot. There’s no denying that this blonde beauty, with her perfect face and incredibly sexy voice, is an absolute angel.