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Chanel Gets Off

Chanel 05

Looking gorgeous as always in her sexy white and black lingerie, Chanel rubs her pregnant body all over and makes herself cum while the camera rolls. Super hot!

Fucking on the Couch

Sway 05

Fresh out of the shower and wrapped in nothing but a towel, Sway joins her lover on the couch and convinces him that playing with her pregnant body is a lot more fun than playing with his new phone. The towel quickly comes off to expose her ripe tits and huge belly as she rubs his cock and kisses his ear to get him in the mood. The handjob escalates into a blowjob as she sucks him until he’s hard enough to ride reverse-cowgirl style. He then takes control of the action and fucks her from behind, proceeds to flip her over and fuck her with her legs on his shoulders, and then finishes inside of her wet pussy.

Alice Gets-Off

Alice 06

Laying topless in bed, Alice slowly removes her cute panties and rubs her swollen clit. She can’t stop from moaning as she fingers her wet pussy and makes herself cum for the camera.

Blindfolded and Bound

Aly 06

Blindfolded and on her knees with her hands bound behind her back, this incredibly hot homemade video shows us just how daring this pregnant teen beauty really is. After having her swollen tits groped, she’s bent over and gently whipped before having a hard cock shoved down her throat. Then, with her hands still bound behind her, she bends over on the couch and lets her warm, wet pussy be fondled and ass continued to be gently whipped. The video concludes with the adorable pregnant teen on her knees once more with a hard cock in her mouth. She takes a big, warm load all over her full tits like a champ!

Chanel Jerks, Sucks, and Fucks

Chanel 06

All decked-out in a fabulous outfit, Chanel goes from giving a handjob to a blowjob before getting her pussy fucked hard! Not only is Chanel strikingly beautiful, she also proves that she’s wild in bed and a fantastic fuck.

Shower and Masturbation

Chelsey 06

This amateur video starts off with Chelsey showing us her naked, pregnant body in the shower. It ends with her playing with her hot, wet pussy on the couch until she cums hard for the camera.

Masturbating in the Shower

Sway 06

The prequel to her sixth video, this amateur video finds Sway in the shower once again, this time in an attempt to cool down from how hot her pregnant hormones have made her. She shows us every inch of her pregnant body as the cool water splashes her swollen belly and full breasts. The pregnancy has made her body so sensitive that touching it gets her aroused and makes her nipples hard almost instantly. She puts the shower head to good use by using it to masturbate with and moans in ecstasy as she does so. It doesn’t take long for the high-pressure water blasting her clit makes her cum and cum hard!

Fun with Chocolate Syrup

Aly 07

“I am so flippin’ sticky,” Aly announces after covering her perfect, full breasts with chocolate syrup in this cute little amateur home video. “I hope this is hot ‘cause I’m not doing this again,” she jokes as she hops in the shower to rinse off. This adorable teen certainly doesn’t need chocolate syrup to make her full breasts look delicious. Aly looks stunning as always as she showers and shows her pregnant body off for the camera. At eight months pregnant and almost ready to burst, Aly proves that pregnant girls still know how to have fun!

Chanel’s Men’s Shirt Facial

Chanel 07

Wearing only a men’s button-up shirt, Chanel lays in bed and plays with a cock until it blows a huge load all over her pretty face!

Two Vibrators Twice the Fun

Chelsey 07

Chelsey quickly strips out of her clothes, lubes up her vibrator, and goes to town on her pussy. She then changes things up by hauling out a second vibrator and using them both on herself!