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Sway’s Pregnant 69 Fun

Sway 01

This completely amateur video features a six-months pregnant Sway caught in the act of playing with her hot, wet pussy as she lays in bed. Things escalate quickly and it’s not long before she finds herself in a torrid 69! She doesn’t let pregnancy stop her from being on top as she sucks a hard cock while her pussy gets eaten. The video concludes with her riding dick and proving that pregnant girls still know how to fuck!


Shower Time with Sway

Sway 02

In this self-shot video, Sway sets her camera up in her bathroom and records herself taking a steamy shower. She shows off her big, pregnant belly and awesome, full tits as she rubs her clit and fingers her hot pussy for the camera. Her nipples are nice and hard as she fucks herself, moaning in delight the entire time. Sway’s a kinky girl who definitely gets-off on knowing that she’s being watched!

Sway’s Afternoon Delight

Sway 03

Sway and her lover lay in bed completely naked and film themselves together in this hot, homemade video. After giving him a nice, old-fashioned handjob, Sway ramps up the action by showing off her excellent blowjob skills. After making sure his cock is nice and hard, she climbs on top and rides it reverse-cowgirl style! This gives us an amazing view of her full, pregnant tits, hard nipples, and big, pregnant belly.

Snack Time with Sway

Sway 04

Sway sits on the couch, bowl of cereal in hand, and briefly discusses her hunger and how she needs to feed her unborn baby. It’s common knowledge that pregnant hormones make women both horny and hungry, and Sway opts to satiate both cravings by rubbing her body while shoveling food into her mouth. After setting the empty bowl aside, Sway picks up a bottle of moisturizer and rubs lotion all over her pregnant belly to help prevent unsightly stretch marks. She then pulls her top down and moisturizes her swollen breasts as well!

Fucking on the Couch

Sway 05

Fresh out of the shower and wrapped in nothing but a towel, Sway joins her lover on the couch and convinces him that playing with her pregnant body is a lot more fun than playing with his new phone. The towel quickly comes off to expose her ripe tits and huge belly as she rubs his cock and kisses his ear to get him in the mood. The handjob escalates into a blowjob as she sucks him until he’s hard enough to ride reverse-cowgirl style. He then takes control of the action and fucks her from behind, proceeds to flip her over and fuck her with her legs on his shoulders, and then finishes inside of her wet pussy.

Masturbating in the Shower

Sway 06

The prequel to her sixth video, this amateur video finds Sway in the shower once again, this time in an attempt to cool down from how hot her pregnant hormones have made her. She shows us every inch of her pregnant body as the cool water splashes her swollen belly and full breasts. The pregnancy has made her body so sensitive that touching it gets her aroused and makes her nipples hard almost instantly. She puts the shower head to good use by using it to masturbate with and moans in ecstasy as she does so. It doesn’t take long for the high-pressure water blasting her clit makes her cum and cum hard!

Sway’s Pleasure Chair

Sway 07

What appears to be little more than a chair covered in a black sheet gets a whole lot more interesting when Sway steps into frame to show off her short skirt and panties. She gets nice and comfortable in the chair, talks to the camera while rubbing her body, and then slowly slips out of her skirt. She pulls down her white top to expose her bare, swollen breasts as she explores her pussy with her fingers. She then loses the panties and sits completely naked in the chair, masturbating for the camera and seemingly loving every second of it. Hormonal changes have turned Sway into a horn-dog and she can’t get off enough!

A Brotherly Chat

Sway 08

In this homemade video, Sway’s horny brother confronts her about her flirtatious attire and threatens to tell their parents about her skimpy outfits and promiscuous ways. He begins groping her while interrogating her regarding how many boys she’s slept with. Despite her persistent refusal to participate in his antics, her brother continues onward and forces himself on her. He strips out of his clothes and has his way with her on the couch. “Are you going to keep fucking around with the boys at school?” he asks her as he shoves his hard cock deep in her throat. “How’s it taste?” What a nice brother!

Sway’s Stuffed Animals

Sway 09

This video begins with Sway sitting on the couch and playing with her stuffed animals while talking to them like a complete weirdo. She then dons a fur coat and continues playing and talking with her stuffed animals which proves that she may in fact have some serious mental problems. Either way, she looks cute doing it and roughly halfway through the video she strips down naked to perform a complete wardrobe change. Now, wearing a big, gaudy dress, Sway positions herself on top of a teddy bear and rubs her swollen clit for the camera.

Pizza Time with Sway

Sway 10

Just out of the shower, Sway answers the door for the pizza delivery boy wearing only a towel. Having no money for a tip, Sway offers to let the pizza boy play with her swollen, pregnant tits. He takes her up on the offer, fondles her breasts, and then goes on his merry way. Sway’s so turned-on by the event that she makes her way to her bed and masturbates while replaying the scenario over and over again in her mind. All the excitement makes her have to pee so she heads to the bathroom to relieve herself while the camera rolls. What a kinky girl!