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Kristine Takes a Cock

Pregnant Kristine LapDance

Everyone knows that pregnant women are horny all the time, and Kristine’s definitely no exception! In this video, Kristine satiates her sexual appetite by climbing on top of a hard dick and showing us that even pregnant girls can still ride a cock. Her big, pregnant belly and huge, swollen tits look amazing as she straddles this lucky guy and rocks back and forth. Sitting on the bed she jerks his hard cock until it shoots a huge load of hot cum all over her giant belly and hot tits. Kristine proves that pregnant women really do it better!

Cooling Off in the Shower


Since hormones make pregnant women warm all the time, imagine how Kristine must feel carrying twins? In this video, Kristine steps into a nice, cool shower to relax and show off her big, swollen belly for the camera. She lathers up her body and rubs herself all over as she shows us just how huge she’s gotten. At eight months pregnant, her full breasts are ripe with milk and her belly is gigantic! As she towels off she gives us a nice view of her round, dark nipples. She’s one sexy American beauty, that’s for sure!

Making Exercise Fun

Kristine Preggo

Who says exercise has to be boring? Yes, even pregnant girls can exercise and, in this video, Kristine shows us how she makes her workouts a whole lot more fun! She sneaks a small vibrator into her panties and does some light working out before laying on the bed to make herself cum. Just look at how big her pregnant belly is! At eight months pregnant with twins, Kristine looks like she’s ready to explode.

Vibrating Personal Massager

Kristine pregnant

At eight months pregnant and carrying twins, Kristine’s belly is absolutely enormous! She strips out of her black bra and panties and uses her vibrating personal massager on her wet, swollen clit as the camera rolls and captures all of the steamy action. Kristine is truly your all-American girl-next-door beauty with a definite kinky side. Sitting atop her vibrator she rides it to climax and loves every second of it!

Who Needs Clothes?

Preggo Kristine

Kristine doesn’t even bother wearing any clothes in this video as she lays in bed and rubs her pregnant body all over. Pregnancy makes every girl horny, but since she’s carrying twins the hormones seem to make Kristine twice as worked up! She shows off every inch of her pregnant body while using her hand to rub her warm, wet pussy. Knowing you’re watching her and jerking-off is a huge turn-on for Kristine! She loves being watched and isn’t afraid to show off her body as she talks dirty the entire time, telling us how badly she wants a cock inside of her.

Showing Off the Goods

Pregnant Kristine

Kristine was only three months pregnant when she found out she was carrying twins! Now, at eight months along, this beautiful, all-American girl shows off her huge, pregnant belly by stripping out of her adorable dress while explaining to us just how horny pregnancy has made her. Fully nude, she rubs her swollen body all over before laying on the bed and fucking her wet pussy for the camera.